Sunday, September 24, 2006


Why its all gone pear shaped...

[comment] IMHO, Pardew is being forces to tinker with both the midfield and up front due to all of the new signings. Last season we had real continuity and consistency (and a lot of luck to avoid injuries that would have exposed our lack of depth).

This season we have done the right thing in strengthening the team in all areas and adding depth but Pardew has not been in a situation before where he has had this much cattle to accommodate and the issues that come with that. Since last season we have added Green, Stech, Paintsil, Mears, Spector, McCartney, Bowyer, Mascherano, Cole, Tevez.

Specifically he is feeling pressure to include world class players like Tevez & Mashie (not due to contractual clauses, but because of the very fact that they are world class).

And that has effected the status quo of the rest of the team. They don't know whether they are coming or going and it is effecting their games. There is no fluency. Combinations that have worked in the past with players instinctively knowing what those around them are about to do, have been broken up.

Pardew needs to add some new skills to his managerial repertoire fast. How to motivate players to bring out their best when their position is not guaranteed. How to experiment & nurture new combinations on the training ground. How to keep the dressing room happy including world class players who don't speak English.

Add to the palyer integration issues the fact that we have a defensive injury crisis playing out :-

- Painsil back in 10 days
- Mears calf strain (short term)
- Collins groin strain (short term)
- McCartney knee injury, expected to resume training in 2-3 weeks
- and now add Ferdinand presumably

Spector has played the last three reserve games (60 mins again Watford and the full 90 against Chelsea & Spurs) and yet could not even find a spot on the bench for this game. Consequently Dailly plays right back until Anton gets injured and then Pardew is forced to play Mullins at right back and switch Daily to centre back. I just can't make sense of Spector sitting in the stands.

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