Monday, January 15, 2007


The Alternate View

I was actually thinking about this post on my way to work this morning before Dave did his glass half full post...but as it happens we have a balanced editorial view here at whu-au. 50% up beat & 50% sad sack.

Let's take stock.

We have one keeper not long out of rehab who requires confidence to function and he's just conceded 3 goals.

We have as of last Saturday 3 injured centre backs and no cover at all. Zero.

We have a left back (PK) who the gaffer doesn't rate and many would agree with him. His replacement last saturday (GMc) didn't set the world on fire.

At right back we have two (2) guys who can't get a sniff and AC prefers Dailly to them even after Dailly features in a back 4 that concedes 6 goals.

We have a left winger who should be in rehab but the manager won't play him anyway so thats sort of ok.

We have a supposedly world class central midfielder who can't get a look in either through injury or being ignored.

We have a reliable central midfielder in Mullins who has done a job for us but now seems to be out of favour. Need proof? Well if being on the bench against Fulham isn't enough, try the fact that AC bought on Newton rather than Mullins.

We have a talented but young central midfielder (MN) who AC thinks is too young for the fight.

We have a bling bling central midfielder whose form in the 1st half of the season was a major contributing factor to our current plight. He seems to have rediscovered a bit of his fight but the chances of that continuing past the end of this month are 0%. He'll either be off or sulking cause he thinks he should have been off. His heart won't be in a relegation fight. Oh yeah and he's our captain.

Our headline striker is injured and is not the type to come back and have an immediate impact. I know he bounced back in the cup final after injury but that was one game. Trust me, Ashton needs time to get match fit. Serious time. When he's fit, he needs to stretch and warm up longer than any other player at the club. After the serious injury he's had, imho he will play no significant part in the campaign for survival.

Tevez is injured and out for 6 weeks.

Marlene is out of favour and looks to be off before the window closes.

We are 4 points adrift and we're off to Newcastle where Martins will show us exactly how to score. Follow that up with Liverpool. Nothing there. And then away to Villa who will be scrapping for their lives. I can see us getting nothing at Villa Park and that will be it.

We will need binoculars to see safety. Mentally the players will have a "we're fucked" mindset.

I don't see any way out - we're going down.

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