Sunday, January 14, 2007


Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!

I'm so fucking angry!

I just watched Yossi score two of the best goals and we still didn't win! I just want to rip somebody's head off but quite whose I'm not sure! Graham Poll's would be a start. Very scrappy game which was not refereed well at all. The thing from tring should be fucked off from the Premier League once and for all.

And Curbishley needs to take a look at himself for his team selection. I'm not saying Roy Carroll did badly but why has he dropped one of our best performers of the season?? And where is Paintsil?? Why play Dailly ahead of him? OK so all his substitutions were enforced but is Newton really a preferred substitute than Mullins when Gabbidon goes down injured??

You have to see Yossi's goals - they were awesome. Unfortunately I'd have said we were gonna stay up 10 minutes ago but with luck like this I think we're gonna go down :-(. When the luck is not with you it is very hard - luck breeds confidence and we looked pretty confident in the 2nd half after we'd got ourselves in front but that could be wrecked now. We would have been 1 point off Wigan but now we are 3 which is tragic and undeserved.

Just to mention in addition to his 2 goals Yossi also made a goalline clearance in the 91st minute! Good to have you back Yossi.

Here's some Youtube highlights

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