Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Quashie signs; Watford in the 4th round

Curbishley has made another signing - not Alexey Smertin, nor Alexei Sayle, but Nigel Quashie from the Baggies. The 28-year-old midfielder has signed a 3.5 year deal for 1.5 million (which will be 1.75 million if we avoid relegation or get re-promoted while he plays for us.. if that makes any sense).

"We've signed Nigel because he is an experienced player who will add competition to our central midfield positions," quoth the Curbs. "I have not promised him anything in terms of first team football - he will have to earn it like the rest of the players - but he brings vast experience to the club and has shown me that he is eager and hungry to do everything he can to help us. I want to reiterate that new players coming in doesn't mean I've got to let people go. The competition for places is a factor that will be important to us as we fight to move up the table, and it's up to every member of the squad to prove that they deserve to be in the starting line-up."


We have drawn Watford at home in the next round of the FA Cup. This is a good draw for us and gives us a chance to move ahead.

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