Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Reality Check! West Ham 1 - 2 Portsmouth

Apparently this was dismal! A dreadful first half saw Linvoy Primas (a player who has not scored in 174 matches) bag two goals from two set plays to give the Hammers a mountain to climb. The hammers tried in vain to get back into the match and were given a lifeline when Sheringham scored in the 80th minute. But it wasn't to be and neither was it deserved from what I've heard.

Looks like we are gonna have to start digging in to get out of trouble cos we are well in it.

** On a positive note it was great to see so many Brisbane Hammers out for the Fulham game at the weekend. I counted about thirty heads and that is fantastic. Good effort lads - see you all next time.

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