Sunday, December 24, 2006


Scoreless at Fulham

That was a pretty decent result. I thought Fulham edged the match in general but we definitely had the better chances. The first 20 minutes or so were brilliant, and in particular I thought Mullins had a really good game. It's a long way to go yet and a win would have been much better but it's not too bad - and it's another clean sheet.


Green 8 - First class again.
Konchy 7 - A really good game and the red was undeserved.
Ferdinand 7 - defended well but lost his man in the first half nearly resulting in a goal.
Dailly 6 - started off poorly but got into the game later. Good in the air.
Spector 7 - another fine performance.
Ethers 7 - A real threat. Work rate is good too.
Mullins 7 - More involved than usual and good positioning in general. I'm very pleased about his game.
NRC 7 - The pressure is having a positive effect. More please (performance, that is, not pressure)
Bowyer 7 - Worked hard and a key figure in our game.
Zamora 6 - Typical Z man performance. Worked hard but little came off for him.
Harewood 6 - Good but not as involved as I would have liked.

Yossi 6 - Tried, but has lost his fine footwork from last season.
Sheringham 6 - not much chance
McCartney 6 - filled in

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