Sunday, December 31, 2006


Where is the light at the end of the tunnel??

I don't see it :-(

West Ham 0 - 1 Man City

I honestly think we are done for. We just can't bloody get our act together. Pardew got a win for Charlton against villa and there is less distance between them and us now as there is between us and 17th. I'm sorry but this season has relelgation written all over it. Oh yeah and Sheffield Utd beat Arsenal!

And for those thinking don't worry Deano will save us:

1. We'll be lucky if we see any form out of Deano this year.

2. I don't think Deano will be at the club next season because of the catastrophy of this season. Can you see him staying even if we do stay up? It's rotten because we have not seen him play a full season at West Ham and I was really excited about that prospect this year.

We've had some devastating luck this season and the confidence and free flowing football of last season is a distant memory.

Why was it Dailly who came into the side to replace Konchesky? I assume McCartney must be injured? Shame cos I think a few people wanted to see what he'd do in Konchesky's absence.

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