Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Mascherano free to join Liverpool

The silliest day of the silly season has started with FIFA ruling that Javier Mascherano is free to leave West Ham for Liverpool despite FIFA's normal rules.

They said: "The Fifa single judge ruled that Javier Mascherano is eligible to play in official matches with Liverpool with immediate effect."

So he's gone. It's a terrible shame I must say, as I think he's a very good player - maybe there's a "pay as you play" clause in his contract that was just too prohibitively expensive for the Irons, but would have been acceptable had we been battling for a Champions League slot. (So far away now, isn't it?)

Rumours also say that West Ham are looking for some last day massive transfers, most notably rumours of an 18 million pound (yes, eighteen million) rejected bid for Darren Bent. Whew!

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