Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Scousers do the double

It was a pretty fair result. Liverpool played quite well, and we played fairly poorly. It was weird seeing all the new faces! We started really poorly and for most of the match looked disinterested and slow. We had our moments though - Yossi's chance was great. We have GOT to win these next two games.

Player ratings

Carroll 6 - did OK, still want Green back. (har har)
McCartney 6 - well involved but got caught out.
Dailly 5 - not confident at all but won some headers.
Davenport 6 - some good signs but is not yet settled. Looks to be a good signing, as I thought he would be. He made some nervous mistakes, particularly giving the ball away, but more often he would put in some good tackles, work hard, and pushed forward. He passed well too, most of the time. I hope he settles in.
Spector 6 - not as good as I've seen him in the past, and caught out of position a couple of times.
Quashie 7 - looks like a great signing - runs a good 25% faster than Mullins, has better footwork, better and more incisive passing, and a better work rate. He gets tons of ball and got us out of trouble many times, and also always makes himself available for a pass. Not only that but he seemed to allow NRC into the game more. Excellent stuff. Not a world beater but I'm happy with him.
Yossi 6 - one or two flashes of the old Yossi but had trouble exerting his influence.
NRC 6 - got into the game better than previously. What's with the stupid decision making, i.e. shooting from 30 yards when there are three passes on? But seems to be coming back to form.
Boa Morte 6 - looking for trouble, and didn't do much. I was hoping for more from him and he was lucky not to get booked.
Cole 5 - tried hard.
Harewood 5 - poor. Took one decent shot and hardly involved - should have been taken off much earlier.

Z-man 6 - woke us up.
Kopa Blanco 7 - must say I was underwhelmed by his loan deal, knew nothing about him, and had no expectations. I groaned when I saw he was coming on. However from his first few touches - even disregarding the goal - he looked a cut above the rest of the team. Very professional and European. He looks very confident and just has a different manner about him. I was quite impressed and look forward to seeing more of him.

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