Sunday, March 18, 2007


Luck (and a linesman) smile on West Ham at last!

Our season might be long lost but we've got three points away from home and we've got some luck for once. The penalty was a penalty, IMO. The goal wasn't a goal. Their 'goal' was rightly disallowed. But I think the ref was doing us favours even before the penalty, but I have to say it's not before time.

Player ratings

Green 6 - maybe should have done better for the goal, and some dodgy moments, but came good at the end.
McCartney 6 - poor early on but crucially didn't make any really bad mistakes and got better.
Ferdinand 6 - can hardly remember him playing.
Collins 6 - some bad decisions but OK.
Neill 6 - weird game for Lucas. Positioning wasn't always up to scratch but made some cracking tackles.
Etherington 5 - AWOL until the 93rd minute.
Noble 5 - totally missing.
NRC 6 - absent except for a 10 minute period at the end of the first half when he thought he'd get subbed off. Had his moments though.
Bowyer 6 - didn't do much.
Harewood 5 - nothing like the player he used to be. Disinterested.
Tevez 7 - our only threat, but a bit slow in making decisions sometimes. Not given much support.

Mullins 6 - shored up our midfield better.
Zamora 7 - lively.
Boa Morte 6 - how much did we pay for him again?

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