Sunday, August 26, 2007


West Ham 1 Wigan 1

We probably deserved more than a point given our weight of possession but at the end of the day you have to convert it to goals.

In terms of team selection the only change from last game was Neill in for Spector. I am really starting to get pissed off that Alan2 continues to prefer Zamora to Ashton. Bobby, while lively today, squandered chances. His first shot went out for a throw in, he totally fluffed a chance at the far post and failed to turn possession inside the box into shots.

We dominated the 1st half and perhaps should have had a penalty when Noble was held back in the may have been given but after being held back Noble tried to make certain of it and went to ground theatrically which may have turned the ref off.

Bellamy, Dyer & Matty were generally giving their back four nightmares and you just knew we would rue going in at half time still on level terms.

After the break Wigan to their credit sorted their marking at the back out and neither Matty or Dyer showed anything like the threat of the 1st half. The half was pretty 50/50. Eventually on the hour AC caved in to the crowds Deano chants (Ashton that is, not Brishammer McGrath who isn't exactly match fit) and he replaced Zammo. Ashton looked good in his half hour, its amazing how he always gets his head on to balls pumped in high and he does a great job of using his body till he finds someone in space.

Curbs then made a straight swap Bowyer for Mullins and a little later LBM for Bellamy. Both of these were proved to be inspired substitutions with both involved in some promising chances. However Wigan went ahead on 78 mins thanks to a freakish Sharner least if we had to concede it was to someone in my fantasy team ;-) .

We responded well and it was only 3 minutes before LBM put through a great little ball that Bowyer finished well into the far corner.

Despite going after a winner it wasn't to be and we had to settle for a point.

I have to say that Wigan made us look good in the 1st half as they were dreadful and we have work to do if we are to trouble quality teams.

Green 7 - not a great deal to do but made a great save in the 2nd half.
McCartney 8 - impressed me and had a couple of shots that belied the fact he has never scored.
Upson 6 - he certainly ain't quick but did just enough
Anton 6 - didn't have to do a great deal
Neill 5 - poor. Gave it away several times and looked like he needs time to get back in the groove.
Matty 7 - starting to get back to his best. His confidence is up.
Mullins 6 - run of the mill Mullins
Noble 7 -lively but not as effective as his motm display last game.
Dyer 8 - scary quick, particularly in the 1st half.
Bellamy 8 - ditto, he will score goals this year and win plenty of pens.
Bobby 6 - effort was ok but finishing was shite.

Ashton 7 - must start now!!
Bowyer 7 - good value and probed away dangerously. Took his goal very well.
LBM 7 - finished last season well and this was also encouraging

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