Wednesday, June 08, 2005


OT: Queensland Roar tickets

The prices have come out (these are for adults, see their website for more details):

Season Ticket Prices
Orange seating $225
Blue seating $180
Maroon seating $135

Individual Game Prices
Orange seating $25
Blue seating $20
Maroon seating $15

What a crock - you can see the allocations (and further pricing details) here.

I will now defer to Dave who had this excellent rant about it:

That’s outrageous! This is gonna bite them on the a*se! They shouldn’t even be using the Maroon areas until other allocations are sold!!! They’d be better off with fixed price entry and you sit first come first serve basis with the prime seats offered first. Idiots – that’s why football will never work in this town. 15 bucks is fair enough. But what the hell do they have to offer in order to segregate the prices in that manner? Surely they’re gonna put everybody close together in order to try and create some atmosphere? If they are gonna have different classes of ticket then they must be thinking of spreading the fans out which will be a disaster. You can’t have a 15 buck seat next to a 25 buck seat so they must have different sections which will dilute the crowd round an empty stadium.[1]

[1] Brisvegas, David N. (2005), Detailed fiscal benefits analysis of season ticket price variation and seating allocation for Queensland Roar in the forthcoming A-League season, Whingeing Pom Press.

Too bloody right mate!

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