Monday, November 07, 2005


Stick Your Blue Flag up Your Arse

On the day that the cunts from the bridge finally got beaten I thought a moral dilemma question might be in order....

Here's the's the last day of the season and Chelsea lead Wigan by 2 points going into the last round of fixtures. 3rd placed Sunderland are 12 points adrift despite winning their last 12 games on the spin. West Ham are confirmed 6th in the premiership being 4 points in front of 7th placed Spurs and 4 points behind 5th placed Man City.

Half time score comes through from Stamford Bridge that Chelsea are losing 7-0 to already relegated Birmingham and have had Lampard,Cole and the on his way back to Upton Park for a fiver Glen Johnson all sent off. Birmingham are playing like men possessed in honour of Steve Bruce who was found dead in his flat with an exploded stomach and globs of fat dripping from the ceiling like janolan caves stalagmites. On the floor beside him sits a single empty wrapper from a wafer thin after-dinner mint. On the terraces the Zula Army have completely humiliated the Head-Hunters stomping more heads than the recently crowned world whack-a-mole champion Stuart Slater.

West Ham & Wigan are locked at 0-0 as Marlon tries to break a 34 game drought while Zamora sits unused on the bench for the 32nd consecutive game.

What do you want to happen in the 2nd half at Upton Park?

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