Thursday, July 20, 2006


*sticky* A message to all the anonymous posters and lurkers out there...


We’d love to know more about you and what you think about this site. Please post a comment on this thread telling us a little about yourself i.e. your name, where you’re from and Hammers connection etc and tell us what you think of the site.

Also have you considered registering with blogspot? That way we could interact between users and add diversity to the overall site contribution.

We’d also be very interested in anybody who would be willing and able to make an intelligent contribution in the form of articles. If you'd like to do this please email whubris on Contributions from Australia, England, or anywhere in the world are welcome if they are all about the club we love, West Ham United.

For all you Brisbane based Hammers, email to join the mailing list (don't worry, we hardly ever email anything out, just a couple of times a year when we have a gathering.) Other Hammers, check out the "Contacts" menu on the left to find local Hammers groups. If you would like to start a local Hammers supporters group or are a member of one, email and whubris will put your details under this menu item.

You can also leave a message on the guestbook at any time.

To our knowledge there are only a handful of regular readers who comment on here which is inconsistent with our hit counter which has proudly surpassed the 10k mark. So please step up and introduce yourselves :-)

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