Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Pardew: Four years.. and I'll pick 'em when I fuggin want'a

West Ham boss Alan Pardew has revealed that Tevez and Mascherano have signed on four year deals.

"People forget that they have signed four-year-deals," he said. "They are not going anywhere in the next transfer window, let's enjoy their quality and see where it takes us. We want to go to another level and challenge the big clubs and I think we're going down the right route to doing that."

Pardew added that he will choose his team on his own terms. "If anybody tries to tell me what team to pick I will go. I will not accept that and I want to make that clear right now. I won't accept that and I make that quite clear now so if there is a potential owner thinking that might happen, he best think again or he better think of somebody else. I am very proud of not just what I've done but also what my team's done. To think I would put that at risk in terms of somebody selecting or even implying that I would have to pick certain players, I just wouldn't accept it. It's not what me or my team are made of."

He added, "These are two guys on the world stage who have come to us in a manner which has some mystery around it. But I can't worry about that, as a manager I want to work with the best. I'm just pleased we've got two world-class players at West Ham. Anything else is not relevant in my view. It is intriguing, but to be honest I don't care."

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