Monday, October 02, 2006


1-0 Loss to Reading

Another lively 1st half full of chances but no WHU goal, another piss poor 2nd half, another loss.

Rather than get suicidal, I would suggest that we're not a million miles from a result. In both of the last two games we have created a bunch of chances in the 1st half and gotten frustrated, and had to chase the game in the 2nd half and played real shite as a result of the self doubt and mounting pressure. With just an ounce of luck in either opening 45 I would contend that the games might have panned out entirely differently. Big call perhaps but I honestly don't think we would have degenerated into such utter crap if we had received some reward for the 1st half chances.

Tevez just oozes class but the rest of em often aren't on his wavelength.

My campaign for a new formation starts here :-


Obviously Anton/Mears/Paintsil etc can come back into defence when available (though I have been impressed with Spector).

Tevez likes to play quite deep. He creates so much mayhem in that deep position and has an amazing ability to draw in defenders and lay off great balls into the resulting space. So why not go at teams and play 2 strikers in front of him?

If it isn't working and we are getting pasted in midfield, then Plan B is easy enough to revert to by subbing Bowyer (or NRC or even Mashie) into CMF and taking off one of the strikers.

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