Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sicilian Beat Up

Sam Delaney is a West Ham fan who went to the 2nd leg in Palermo and his article in the online mag "The First Post" suggests the media reports of drunken English hooligans is not how it happened...

The Guardian Newspaper in particular can fuck right off when it says stuff like this

"The Fiver's always had a soft spot for the way West Ham play, and we admire
what Alan Pardew has done at Upton Park too. But almost everything else about
the club leaves us colder than a brass monkey in the Siberian Streaking
Championships. There's chairman Terence Brown; the blingtastic players, many of
whom strut around giving it the big 'I am' despite having won nothing except a
Division One play-off; the seedy, slightly menacing atmosphere outside the
ground; and - worst of all - the club's fans.

When those supporters
aren't banging on about the Hammers winning the 1966 World Cup single-handedly,
they're usually shrieking away in ridiculous faux-Cockney accents, even though
most of them live in detached Mock Tudor houses in Essex. (In fact the Fiver
half-suspects that Hammers fans are to blame for Dick Van Dyke's disastrous
accent in Mary Poppins.) The club has always had an 'element' too - which
resurfaced again last night when 20 fans were arrested and another six injured
after "a huge battle" with Palermo fans and police last night.

police spokesman Virgilio Alberelli said 500 people were involved in the riot,
17 of whom, including five police officers, were taken to hospital. According to
one eyewitness: "West Ham fans behaved like animals, roaming the streets,
bottles in hand searching for anyone to fight." After an hour, police finally
managed to calm the situation and Hammers fans were put on three buses and
driven away from the centre. "

The next day a letter to The Fiver countered "Your report of West Ham's fans in Palermo was a disgrace. I was in that square throughout and we were not at fault in any way. Trapped by those animals, we just defended ourselves and waited for the police to step in. Instead, they just watched while we were bombarded by anything that came to hand, and only attacked us when we were getting the upper hand" - Michael Davies.

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