Saturday, February 03, 2007


The Only Way Is Up

When I was 8, living in Basingstoke, England, my Mum worked in a dress shop next door to a sports shop called Peter Barber Sports. Peter Barber was the the son of my Mum's employer.
Now where's all this heading you're thinking, "wake up at the back there young Beggers!", there's more!
The shop was opening and they needed a young lad to wear an England shirt and pose with Geoff Hurst at the grand opening of the shop. I was chosen and thus my love affair with West Ham began.
35 years on this rollercoaster ride (it was my Birthday last Monday, thanks for the cards lads) and I'm still in love with this team. "stop snoring Novern!" , there's more! ("fucksakes, get the beers in, says Dave!")
As you may know I've had heaps of bad probs with my back for about a year and have to have an operation soon and I can truly say that this week has been the one of the lowest of my life ("stop crying WhuBris!"). I've been fucked around by HR, my surgeon, I can hardly move without pain shooting down my left leg.
Anyway, the purpose of my first post (thanks for author rights Dave) is that through all this shite of a week Saturday night has arrived and all I can think about is West Ham versus Aston Villa.
I suppose I'm saying keep the faith (in the God of The Hammers, not the bearded geezer)

Yazz really did get it right,

"The Only Way Is Up, Baby, For You and Me Now"


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