Thursday, July 05, 2007


So, is the fat lady singing yet?

Well I could have sworn it was over but many sources are reporting that Sheffield United have launched an appeal in the High Court! This is all getting a bit silly, but it doesn't reflect well on West Ham even though the club's new owners have been completely blameless and open.

However I checked out the SUFC website and lo, they released this statement: "Appeal NOT made. As a point of clarification for our supporters (and media), Sheffield United have NOT lodged an appeal following the Arbitration decision on Tuesday - despite reports to the contrary. The accurate explanation is that Sheffield United's lawyers had to inform the Premier League that the Club has applied to find out if the club can lodge an appeal through the Civil Courts."

So they haven't... yet.

In other news, Teddy Sheringham's off to Colchester for free because he'll be able to get out his walking frame more often, and Nigel Cheerioker is staying in claret and blue but a slightly dodgy version (i.e. Villa) for 8.5 million times what he's worth.

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