Monday, June 25, 2007


Kitbag, shitbag

date: 24-Jun-2007
subject: Re: Delivery cost problem


I previously sent an email (see below) highlighting a bug in Kitbag's web interface, which essentially would have cost me GBP 5.90 had I chosen to go through with the order. I am yet to receive a reply despite the 48 hour response time promised on your website.

Thanks to your delayed reply, you no longer have the item I was going to purchase in the size I need according to the website.

Hence I will not be placing an order for it or any other item through Kitbag even though I had other items in my basket.

This is the second time in my personal experience that Kitbag have failed to provide any reasonable level of customer performance. Last time, I ordered a replica shirt and waited some two months before giving up on it and cancelling the order.

So congratulations, Kitbag have managed a zero percent hit rate so far with my orders. Quite an achievement.

If you Google "west ham australia", or "west ham blog", and follow the top link, you will find the most popular West Ham site in Australia. You will also see this letter reproduced there.


On 16/06/07:
> Hello,
> I live in Australia. When I try to select air mail for my delivery, the cost of delivery remains at 12.85 GBP instead of 6.95.
> This effectively adds 5.90 GBP that I don't want to pay to my purchase. See below - when I have Air mail selected the cost is
> 6.95 but at the bottom of the page the total shows delivery of 12.95.
> Thanks,
> Graham

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