Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What's so special...?

Thought this was, well, not a particularly interesting or inspiring read, but a read nonetheless.

However, further down the page was this gem:

Inspired by seeing Fergie bring on Ole Gunner against Forest the day before and watching him score four from the bench in an 8-0 romp our football manager decided to bring on an extra striker with ten minutes to go, 2-0 up in a local league match. The player's first action was to give the ball away to the opposition with a sliced pass, putting the player clean through (2-1), his next action was to be tieing his shoelace in the left-back position to be playing four of their players onside, (2-2). Unbelievably the player then gave away a penalty for a reckless challenge (2-3), missed a one-on-one after rounding the keeper and to finish the game was sent off for a handball on the line from a corner (2-4).

I think I played with that guy once...

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