Monday, November 13, 2006


Boro strike again

What a frustrating match. West Ham never really looked like they were interested to me. Where was Z-man? Why did it take so long for Pardew to do something?

Player ratings
Green 6 - Decent other than for the goal, where he could have done better.
Konchy 5 - Totally off the mark.
Gabbs 6 - Uncomfortable and partly at fault for the goal.
Collins 6 - A few errors.
Spector 6 - Lacking in quality a bit but almost made up for it in effort. Almost!
Ethers 6 - OK but unremarkable.
Mullins 6 - OK but unremarkable. Boro didn't seem to find our midfield to be a problem.
NRC 6 - Put in the effort for a change and we started to see a bit of the NRC we all know is in there somewhere. But not effective.
Yossi 6 - A couple of decent attacking moments but otherwise pretty damn ordinary. Ineffective cover for Spector.
Teddy 6 - Average.
Harewood 6 - Poor game by his standards and deservedly subbed.

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