Monday, February 05, 2007


Bring Back Mullins!

I don't care what anybody says, West Ham just don't tick without him. He has been the rock on which our team has been built upon for the last few years and we do not flow without him in the side.

Take the start of the season. We weren't playing too badly, won our first game and would've expect more than a draw at Watford but still not too bad and were unlucky to lose up at Liverpool. Along come the Argies, Mascherano dislodges Mullins and West Ham start losing and didn't stop losing until Mullins was re-instated when we beat Blackburn and Arsenal.

When Curbs took over we beat Man United - a game in which Mullins covered the midfield very well. We then faced Fulham away in a game we should've won as we were playing free flowing effective football with Mullins running the midfield. We had a couple of exceptionally dodgy games over xmas and new year and Curbs brings in Quashie. This kid gives the ball away left right and centre! I thought against Liverpool we were diabolical - as a team we just couldn't hold the ball. And we were treated to much the same over the weekend - we did not even get behind their defence until the final 5 minutes.

So please Curbs bring back Mullins and lets get back to the free flowing passing football that we know and love at West Ham.

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