Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Crouch offer rejected

Ole Harry has snubbed West Ham's offer of £6 million for striker Peter Crouch. The Saints boss said, "West Ham did make a cash bid but we turned it down," before launching into a tirade about the player's goalscoring ability in the Championship.

Also, Don "blame-Glen-for-my-contract" Hutchison has been released on a free transfer, shouting over his shoulder as Ludo shoved him through the door that he and Pardew didn't see eye-to-eye on football matters and that he was not surprised to be let go. Are you gobsmacked at these startling revelations? See more of the Don's innermost thoughts at http://www.icons.com/hutchison/diary.html. He'll get picked up by a Championship club on a one year deal and will set the pitch alight for them - you heard it here first.

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