Thursday, November 08, 2007


A day out at the football

In August of this year me and mine were in England visiting rellies. But I was able to drag myself away long enough to go to UP to watch the Wigan game. I took some pics of the day and thought I'd post 'em for those who may be missing a day out at the football.

I was really looking forward to seeing a live game. I hadn't been to UP since the stadium re-development. It was still terraces when I was there last and it cost me 8 squid, from memory, to watch a game from the north bank. You could just turn up at the ground and get your ticket an'all. Happy days!

A mate of mine is a season ticket holder so he was able to get me a ticket. 45 squid, fucknhell! Anyway, up bright'n' early, well not really, on holiday so I had a few Stella's the evening before and slept in. Fry up bekkie and a cup of tea or two. Why do English pork sausages taste infinitely better than the ones you get here? Bit of chat with the family, get ready, don last years home shirt and we are off.

For me Blackwall Tunnel means East End so when I saw it it brought a tear to my eye, sniff! Wasn't quick enough to get a pic so I stole one from the net, bit of cheating I know but fuck it.

This ones mine though!

First stop pie and mash, fuckin lovely! For those who have tried it, you know what I mean, for those who haven't, I pity you. 2 and 2 with liquor, beautiful! If I was on death row and I was asked what I wanted for my last meal, it would be pie & mash. We went to the shop below which is near the Crisp street markets in Poplar. The ones closer the ground, especially Nathans, are a nightmare to get in too, way too busy.

Back in the car to drive to the ground. Find a park, easier said than done, short walk down barking Road and hit the pubs. It was a stinking hot Summers day, yes they do have'em occasionally, so many were out drinking on the streets. Nice.

Quick shot of Bobby and the lads and it was into the Boleyn.

Pretty good atmosphere in the pub before the game but no pics I'm afraid. But I can assure you the boys were in good voice. Found this on youtube the same day I was in there to give you some idea.
After a couple in the Boleyn we went to the Central. Another swift pint then it was time to go into the ground. By this time I was feeling fuller than a school bus, 3 pints and the pie and mash was taking it's toll. But there was enough room to squeeze another pint in on the concourse in the ground.

Well impressed with the ground, but I do miss standing. We were in the DMU, as far back as you can get but still had a good view of the pitch.

You all know the result, it was a nervous crowd. Not much singing but the team gave them sod all to sing about. We dominated possession and opend them up quite a few times in the first half but I for one couldn't wait for the half time whistle, not because of the game but 'cause I was busting for a piss! It was the quietest crowd I had experienced at UP. Not sure if that's usual these days but I'd been to games before where we were losing but the crwod was still into it, strange really? But I must say that this game had a feeling about it, that Wigan were gonna knick it and they almost did had it not been for Bowyers equaliser.

I was happy enough not to see them lose tbh as that had happened to me the last time I went. Bloody long way to go to watch your team get beat!

After the game one more in the Central then the drive home listening to talkback radio about all the days results.

All in all a good day out. Hope you enjoyed the day as well.

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