Tuesday, November 06, 2007


West Ham reserves 1-1 Bolton

Gutted! As Risky said, was not happy conceding so late. But as Dave's said, we've knicked our fair share of games lately so I guess we were due, maybe?

TBH Bolton scare the life out of me. With the exception of our last meeting, they always seem to have our measure. Regardless of where they are in the table at present, I expected them to be a bastard to play against and they were. Other than missing Anelka, Bolton on paper appeared to have a pretty strong side. As an aside, had to laugh when they showed the travelling supporters end, fuck me, there was more spare seats there than at a K-Fed gig!

Anyway, another patchwork side, you all know why, with the usual suspects at the back, any mid-fielder who could still kick a ball in the middle and Cole on his todd up front.

It was never going to be a classic but I thought we were OK considering. I couldn't fault our effort, which is all you can ask but we just didn't have enough quality on the pitch to really grab the game by the short and curlies. We played some good stuff in patches but individually the lads gave the ball away far too much. They did play like strangers at times but that's to be expected given the current circumstances.

Green flapped at a few crosses, giving me a heart attack in the process. If you come, you've got to get the ball. For the first time in a long time Green looked average.

Gabbs still looks well out of sorts to me. Upson and Lucas were ok but as usual Linda was the standout. The lad scores, goes forward, links up well, crosses, get's back, clears off the line, and leaps small buildings in a single bound! Our best on the day for me. At one point we lose the ball while in attack, he's out of position, as he's pushed forward, but you could see him yelling at Matty to get stuck in while he get's back into position. Matty did respond when yelled at but it wasn't his first instinct to pressure the man with the ball, Linda had to set him straight.

The midfield was all over the place. LBM had some flashes of brilliance but he also looked liked a retard at times. He was playing so out of position mind so I'll forgive him this time. Only saw Solano when we had a free kick or corner. He needs to get more involved. Bowyer ran his arse off and probably played as good as he can. Mullins was the pick for me and I'm not a huge Mullins fan but he knows his job and did it well on the day. IMO we looked a far lesser side when he went off. Matty was all over'em, he does look good when he's running at players. More off the same please Matthew. And Cole in the lone striker role was again a pain in the balls of the opposition. Really pleased to see the UP crowd give him a round of applause when he was subbed, if any player deserves it, it's him after all the shit he's had too put up with.

Another point should've been 3 but it wasn't to be. For me the most pleasing aspect of the team at the moment is the effort being displayed, we don't give up and even though we're not playing well we keep picking up points.

11th in the PL with a league Cup qtr final to come, after last years nightmare, I'm happy enough.

I should think Derby will be another scrap, but as long as the lads keep getting stuck in we're a show, what more can you ask ?

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