Thursday, February 08, 2007


Fanx Mates

This started off as a reply to Beggers in the post about the Charlton Game at the Pig & Whistle, but has turned into a bit of an update.
Beggers, I'd really love to be there but next week I fly down to Melbourne with my family to see a surgeon who has recommended me for surgery on my back.
I had thought I was gonna have a spinal fusion in Brisbane (which is a major op) but it now looks like I will get a date from this Melbourne geezer next week for a less invasive op in the very near future :-)
2006 was a shite year for me health wise (I discovered I had a bony spur on one of my vertabrae that was pinching my sciatic nerve and my back went out 5 times) and this decision has at least made 2007 look brighter. All that needs to happen now is for West Ham to stay up and it could be the perfect year!
I just wanted to thank you all in this group for the general jovial banter and feeling of belonging. We all support the best team in the world and now I also feel like I've got some of the best mates too.


Si (beex)

PS - Put me down for one of those shirts please
PPS - Once I have a shiny new back I'll be at the Pig for every game

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