Friday, June 29, 2007


Tevez turns down Inter

While we're not out of the woods yet it is a step in the right direction to see that Carlitos will not be going to Inter Milan & their band of Argies. He has made it clear he wants to stay in the prem, but the Arse & the scousers are still sniffing around.

Bent looks certain to be heading to the yids which may be enough to convince little judas to head back to us since he won't want to be 4th in the pecking order.

Still waiting on the arbitration outcome which was supposed to come down before the end of the month.

The off season sucks...where's all the big name signings that made Lucas cream his pants Eggie?

Monday, June 25, 2007


Kitbag, shitbag

date: 24-Jun-2007
subject: Re: Delivery cost problem


I previously sent an email (see below) highlighting a bug in Kitbag's web interface, which essentially would have cost me GBP 5.90 had I chosen to go through with the order. I am yet to receive a reply despite the 48 hour response time promised on your website.

Thanks to your delayed reply, you no longer have the item I was going to purchase in the size I need according to the website.

Hence I will not be placing an order for it or any other item through Kitbag even though I had other items in my basket.

This is the second time in my personal experience that Kitbag have failed to provide any reasonable level of customer performance. Last time, I ordered a replica shirt and waited some two months before giving up on it and cancelling the order.

So congratulations, Kitbag have managed a zero percent hit rate so far with my orders. Quite an achievement.

If you Google "west ham australia", or "west ham blog", and follow the top link, you will find the most popular West Ham site in Australia. You will also see this letter reproduced there.


On 16/06/07:
> Hello,
> I live in Australia. When I try to select air mail for my delivery, the cost of delivery remains at 12.85 GBP instead of 6.95.
> This effectively adds 5.90 GBP that I don't want to pay to my purchase. See below - when I have Air mail selected the cost is
> 6.95 but at the bottom of the page the total shows delivery of 12.95.
> Thanks,
> Graham

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hammers obtain Schwarzer's signature!!

....well it's true in a way! ;-)

Thanks very much to and of course the great Aussie shot stopper himself.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Tevez in Bobby out?

News round-up. Take it with a grain of salt but... is reporting :-

Carlos Tevez could still be a West Ham player next season, after reports emerged over a new deal which will keep the Argentina international at Upton Park.
But, a "top source" revealed to the News of the World: "Mr Magnusson has pulled out all the stops to keep Carlos for at least another season. "The package will cost £9million in wages and payments to his owner Kia Joorabchian but the chairman is convinced the deal is done."


The same source is also touting Bobby is set to leave though they are quoting News of the World!, :-

"Hammers boss Alan Curbishley has told Zamora he has no future at Upton Park and can leave along with fellow striker Marlon Harewood."


The Sheffield United arbitration hearing occurs today. Something I hadn't read before is that SU themselves undertook a questionable dealing in January :-

"But a report Sunday said United also breached league rules by selling Steve Kabba to Watford with the proviso that the striker didn't play against them in a subsequent match.

Such arrangements are frequently arranged with loan deals. But Kabba moved to Watford in a full transfer in January and the Premier League rules say there can be no contractual terms to prevent a player from facing a former club.

McCabe said there was nothing in the contract that Kabba shouldn't play against the Blades, although the two managers may have agreed between them.

"I am sure there won't be a clause in the contract," he said. "The contract transferring Steve Kabba from Sheffield to Watford was one that was open, was honest and was properly looked at by the Premier League and registered. There is no gray area on that whatsoever."

So it's alright as long as you don't commit the breach of rules to paper?!?!?!? Two faced twats.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$1100527.htm suggests we have beaten out Everton for Manuel Fernandes . The defensive midfielder has been on loan at Everton since January where he made 9 appearances and scored 2 goals including one against Man United. Reports are Everton weren't prepared to pay the £12 million asking price.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Brisbane Hammers Meeting Sat 16th June **Time change 4pm**

****This post will remain sticky til 16th June so please scroll down for more recent articles****

The polo shirts are ready but we now have an added bonus - Socceroo Mark Schwarzer will be present at the Pig n Whistle from 4:30pm til 6:30pm so we have rescheduled and brought the time forward.

Of course we will be going all night so for those who have arranged to come later and can't change we will still be there for sure.

We're going to meet in the Pig n Whistle Eagle St @ 4:00pm to collect the shirts, grab a bite to eat and have a couple of beers.

As for the shirts - they look fantastic and I'm very pleased with the outcome (pics below). Caps have been ordered and will also be available due to the great result with the shirts.

The following people have ordered shirts so please make sure you are there on the 16th to collect them....

Tony McEvoy (aka norvern munky)
Richard Fuller
Chris McCoy (aka redrisky)
Terry Medlycott
Lee Hatcliff
Mark Hessling
Simon Beacon (aka beex)
Dean McGrath (aka Deano)
Richard Bishop (aka Dicky)
Jay Marshall
Han Ling
Julian Bates
Micky Palmer
Mark Cottle
Bret Tiwana (aka Mr bret)
Stuart Robinson
Omar Ameer
Phil Turner

If you can't make it please let us know so we can make other arrangements for you to collect your shirts. Gaz (beggers) is down over a grand for the total order and will be quite keen to recoup his cash as soon as possible so please get over to the pig on the 16th if you possibly can.

We have Shirt Pictures......

Front + RH Sleeve



Sleeve Close up

Back Close up



Friday, June 15, 2007


Snubbed by Bent and the Scousers Unsettling Yossi - WTF is going on?

So Bent thinks he can join a bigger club does he? Well that's fine cos you're too expensive anyway Darren! I hope Curbs turns his attentions to a striker of equal or greater quality but better value for money but why do I get the feeling we're going to be signing an average English player and paying over the odds? Dunno just going on current bids.

I'm a little dissapointed as I thought Bent would certainly improve the dynamic of the team but if he doesn't want to play for our great club then fuck him - he can go to the yids which is where I think he'll end up.

Liverpool are trying to sieze the moment and unsettle Yossi whilst his contract remains unsigned. From the comments I've read from his agent it appears they have been tapped up which has caused them to stall on signing the deal that they had verbally agreed to (does a verbal acceptance not constitute a legal binding contract?? Hmmm). Liverpool have reportedly come in with a derisory offer which some quarters say is 3M and others 1M - either way the offer is pathetic and insulting!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Bent Signs! (fuck he really has signed) (Yes he has; no he hasn't - fuck off Darren!)

Monday, June 04, 2007


Neill hints at Curbs' shopping list

In an interview on ABC TV yesterday, Lucas Neill ran off a list of players that Curbishley is looking at. All but one are Aussies, suggesting either Neill has a fanciful bias or he's been talking with Curbs about his teammates... At any rate the list was, in the order that I recall:

Eidur Gudjonnsen
Vince Grella (brilliant!!)
Mark Viduka
Tim Cahill

Likely? Who knows? But if we could get our mitts on Grella and/or Cahill....